welcome to Noir stockholm!

We have a lot of experience and work creatively where we focus on who you are and above all else: lister to who you want to be.
We costumise our treatments for every costumers need which is why we work with a starting price.
Please contact the salon for a consultation and additional price information.

 we are cash free!

For security reasons, we have decided to become cash free. As usual you are welcome to pay with any type of credit card or swish.
If you have any questions you are welcome to call us at 08-23 80 90.




Creative Director 1.820 SEK

Senior ARt Director 1.280 SEK

Art Director 1.110 SEK

Senior Stylist 960 SEK

Stylist 860 SEK

Junior Stylist 595 SEK

Trainee 510 SEK



WellaPlex is a treatment that transforms damaged hair to a healthier och stronger hair. The series innovative technology Opti ph System that makes sure that the hair stays healthy through all all steps in a colouring process. The WellaPlex treatment on its own takes about 60 min incl. blowdry/styling. If you would like to combine WellaPlex with another treatment, it takes about 15 min and costs 380 SEK extra.


Art Director 1.110 SEK

Senior Stylist 960 SEK

Stylist 860 SEK

Junior Stylist 595 SEK

Trainee 510 SEK


hair extensions – cut included

It doesn’t matter if you would like to do a full extension or just fill out with a couple of packets of Hairtalk - the result is that you can create amazing hair. Regardless if your own hair is short or long, thin or thick, you won’t have to feel limited with Hairtalk.


Price starting at 3.940 – 9.890 SEK

Extensions of different kinds and techniques, please contact the salon for personal consultation.
time consumtion ca 2-5 tim
Extension removal starting price: 860 SEK



Vår vanligaste färgbehandlingen, för dig som önskar någon form av slingning, uppljusning, balayage, kontraster/skiftningar eller små som stora färgförändring.


full head

Master tech fr. 2.890 SEK

Senior tech fr. 2.590 SEK

Color tech fr. 2.290 SEK

Junior tech

Trainee tech

Half head

fr. 2.490 SEK

fr. 2.290 SEK

fr. 1.960 SEK

fr. 1.790 SEK

fr. 1.630 SEK




Master tech 2.680 SEK

Senior tech 2.410 SEK

Color tech 2.210 SEK

Junior tech 1.820 SEK



För dig som önskar färgning/toning av utväxt. Vid bottenfärg/-toning tillsammans med uppljusning av längder alternativt slingning av utväxt hänvisar vi till den längre behandlingstiden “Folieslingor/Fashion Color”


Master tech fr. 1.780 SEK

Senior tech fr. 1.610 SEK

Color tech fr. 1.410 SEK

Junior tech fr. 1.340 SEK

Trainee tech fr. 1.210 SEK




Art Director fr. 3.800 SEK

(Provuppsättning 1.120 SEK)

Senior stylist fr. 3.100 SEK

(Provuppsättning 890 SEK)

Stylist fr. 2.800 SEK

(Provuppsättning 790 SEK)




Art Director fr. 2.560 SEK

Senior stylist fr. 2.240 SEK

Stylist fr. 1.780 SEK

Junior stylist fr. 1.420 SEK




Creative Director 1.640 SEK

Art Director 890 SEK

Senior stylist 780 SEK

Stylist 690 SEK

Junior stylist 560 SEK

Trainee 495 SEK


Ombokning/avbokning måste ske senast 24 timmar innan avtalat besök, vi debiterar 50% av behandlingspriset vid uteblivet besök.

Trainee är under utbildning och ej färdig frisör. Besöket hos Trainee tar lite längre tid och blir vägledd av en utbildad frisör under besöket. Om du ska göra en större förändring rekommenderar vi att du går till en stylist och uppåt.

Vi reserverar oss för ev. tryckfel och prisändringar.