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welcome to Noir stockholm


At Noir Stockholm we believe in creativity, to see who you are and listen to who you want to be. That’s the foundation we will create your look from.
We’re a strong team in constant progress and development who all work toward the same goal: To give you a personal all-round experience.
We make time for our costumers and offer meticulous consultations and tailor-made treatments.
Our goal is to make you feel that you have come somewhere relaxing and exclusive.

Noir Stockholm was founded 2007 by Creative Director Hans Nilsson and Co-owner Ellen Ericsson who have their salon in the centre of Stockholm,
as ell as their own exclusive product line. The products takes care of the hairs quality through high quality ingredients and gives you an
expressive look through their exceptional styling qualities.

Our team has broad experience not only through the salon, but also in the fashion and media business by doing fashion shows,
photo shoots, seminars, productions around the world.
Regardless who you are or what your style is - You’re always welcome at Noir Stockholm!

Noir Stockholm:

The Brand

A high quality hair care brand
made in sweden.

“When we developed our products, we wanted to create the perfect combination between style and care. The products are based on natures finest ingredients with top modern formulas. They are made to be able to create the most amazing hair styles, even with the most frail type of hair. The result is an exclusive series of unique, rejuvenating and light shampoos, conditioners and treatments, and also deeply hydrating and highly effective styling products. All of our products have gone through extensive testing on stage, studios, catwalks and of course the daily work we do in our salon. At Noir Stockholm, we have a clear ambition to push the envelope of what innovative and high end hair care can be, but at the same time really focus on the environment and sustainable products and packaging. Most of our ingredients, like polymers, active ingredients, extracts and Noirs carefully selected proteins are naturally produces and biodegradable. The exclusive, cold pressed and organic oils weren’t only selected for their astounding quality, but also because of the admirable sustainability work and local engagement that is performed by the producers.”

-Hans Nilsson, Creative Director Noir Stockholm.

Noir Stockholm was founded in 2007 by Creative Director Hans Nilsson and Co-founder Ellen Eriksson. Hans Nilsson is an internationally known hair stylist with a long career of editorial work and has created avantgarde hair creations that are often compared with art.